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BARR NA MOINE Barr na Moine
Barr na Moine
Barr na Moine
J. McCallum Gemmil
J. Sinclair Corranbeag
Donald Sinclair Daill
138 A conspicuous eminence on the grazing of Gemmil, about 1/2 a mile north east of the farm house.
Sign. [Signification] "Top of the Moss."
FORT (Dùn Glas) Fort Dùn Glas
Fort Dùn Glas
Fort Dùn Glas
J. McCallum
J. Sinclair
Donald Sinclair
138 A very prominent height a short distance north of Barr na Moine. It appears to have been used as a place of defence or as a signal tower. The walls can not be traced, but it has a natural protection of rocks nearly all round.
Sign. [Signification] "Grey fort."

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138.1 -- Parish of Craignish -- Argyllshire

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