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CHAPEL (Private) [Craignish CastIe] (Chapel Private)
(Chapel Private)
(Chapel Private)
Rev. [Reverend] Mr McMichael
Mr Morgan Factor
D. McFarlane
137 A small neat edifice within the policy of Craignish Castle, used as a place of worship by the family of the proprietor
Craignish Castle
Craignish Castle
Penny Castle
Rev [Reverend] Mr McMichael
Mr Morgan Factor
New Stat Accot [Statistical Account]
Estate Plan (no date)
137 A considerable building the chief part of which is a restoration of the ancient castle. It is the property and occasional residence of F.C.T. Gasgoine Esq.

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Plan 137-16 -- Craignish

Craignish Castle [note]
"In the Southern part of the Parish stands Castle Craignish.....the lower story of this building is very ancient,
the upper part modern. It is a square tower, terminating above in embrasures, The ancient portion of the
wall is 9 feet in thickness. Within, on the ground story, is a vaulted apartment, extending the whole length
and breadth of the tower, which is said to have been used as a dungeon. In the centre of this apartment, an
excavation, of 12 ft. [feet] deep by 8 in width , was made in the solid rock on which the castle stands."
N. S. Acct. [New Statistical Account] p. [page] 54.

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