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Dunan Aula Continued [continued from page 13]
"In this action Olaus said to have been a son of the King of Denmark, was slain. Near the field of battle there is a little mount or tumulus which is dignified by the name of this hero; it is callled to this day Dunan Aula or the little mount of Olaus. There it seems he was interred, and not many years ago as some workmen were employed in enclosing the spot they discovered, after removing some loose stones a grave composed of four flags. - Upon inspecting this repository, they found an urn. Imagining they had got a treasure, they broke it, but to their great disappointment they found nothing there but the ashes of Olaus. General Campbell converted this mount into a family burying place. It is enclosed and planted. On the top of it a neat monument is built and there the General lately deposited the remains of his son."
Old Stat: [Statistical] Account.

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130-15 -- Parish of Craignish -- Argyllshire

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