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130; 137; 138; 148; 149 A Parish in Argyllshire which is bounded on the north by the Parish of Kilninver and Kilmelford, on the east by Kilmartin and Loch Craignish, And on the South & West
by the Atlantic Ocean.
"This Parish had in Ancient times, the two names of Kilmhorie and Craignish which were indiscriminately applied, . . Craignish is plainly a compound Gaelic word, and liKe most celtic nameS of places, it is descriptive. It denotes a RocKy peninsula; . .No fewer than twenty islets belong to the Parish, of these the largest on the east are islets McNiven and McLarty. A Chain of five islets stretches to the South-west, off the Southern extremity of the peninsula. The largest of these is called Garbhreisa, and forms, along with the extremity just mentioned. the well known Passage named Dorus Mor or Great Door."
New Statistical Account
There is a Portion of this Parish detached, and which is Situated in 6 inch Sheets 123, 130 and 131, but there is no Portion of any other Parish locally Situated within the boundary of this Parish.

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