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THE SERGEANT'S GRAVE The Sergeant's grave
The Sergeant's grave
The Sergeant's grave
Sir Thomas Riddell Bart. [Baronet]
Mr. McKenzie.
Mr. McArthur
028 In the year 1845, there was a Detachment of Infantry quartered at Strontian, and, according to a tradition, current in the districts, it would appear that the Sergt. [Sergeant] in Charge had misappropriated the public money, and was, in consequence threatened with a Court-martial. The dread of exposure and consequent disgrace preyed so much on his mind that he loaded his Carabine and shot himself, In the wood, situated about a quarter of a mile West of Horsley Hall, the inhabitants point out the Spot, where, he was found dead, and there he was buried.
SCHOOL (Females) [Strontian] School
Mr. Kinnear
Mr. McKenzie
Mr. McArthur
028 Female School,with Teacher's residence attached. Situate Strontian: Supported by
Lady Riddell. Average attendance 10.
CARNACH RIVER Carnach River Described on the 6 inch of Sheet 28

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Sheet 28 Plan 9. -- Parish of Ardnamurchan
SCHOOL (Females) [Strontian]
the letter s taken Out
by order of Segt [Sergeant] Major McDonald
10 Dr. [December] 72

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