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human bones and other sepulchral remains have at no distant period been dug up in the present garden, and where the offices are erected; for when burial ground within the cemetery could not be obtained it was under the reign of Romanism superstitiously deemed a privilege that the dead should be laid as near their churches as possible. It is said that a part of the building of the monastery was destroyed before the Reformation: at all events there is no ground for alleging that the reformers ever displaced a single stone here. A portion of the materials of the chapel appear to have been employed by the resident heritors more than a century ago in erecting the parish church:- other portions were used for building fences and outhouses. the carved freestone having at the same time been discovered by housemaids to be admirably suited for cleaning floors and passages. The once handsome and richly arched outer doorway has in this manner been rudely and thoughtlessly mutilated." New Stat: [Statistical] Account:
"The priory is now a mere ruin. The church of which the outline may still be traced 66 feet by 29 within walls. Part of the prior's residence in the southwest of the Priory is still used as that of the Proprietor. Between the priory and the adjacent hill is a wide extent of pasture called "the monks garden." (This cannot be now identified) Origines Parochiales
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