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LAG AN FHIODHAIN Lag an Fhiodhain
Lag an Fhiodhain
P. McPherson Achnaba
A Grant Achnaba
087 A rather remarkable hollow in an arable field about 10 chains north of the Church. The top is exactly circular, and from this it slopes inwards exactly like a large basin. At the bottom of it are planted four large silver fir trees.
The word Fhiodhain means a cheese vat, and there is a tradition regarding this hollow which tells that a witch who resides or resided in Coire Cruachan, resorted to this place each morning to press the amount of cheese necessary for her daily consumption, and hence the name, hollow of the cheese press
TIGH AN T-SIOMAIN Tigh an t-Siomain
Tigh an t-Siomain
P. McPherson
A. Grant.
087 A small thatched house abut 2 chains south east of Achanaba Farm. The county road at one time, in fact in the memory of the athorities, wound past this house, which was then an Inn bearing the above name and well known. Sig: [Signification] House of the heather rope

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