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TOBAR BIAL NA BUADH Tobar Bial na Buaidh
Tobar Bial na Buaidh
Tobar Bial na Buaidh
Tobar bhile na banna
John Campbell Ledaig
D McIlraith Ledaig
P. McPherson Achnaba
New Statistical Account
087 A small spring on the hill side to the north of Achnacreemore. It was much frequented in old times, even in the memory of some yet living, on account of the supposed virtues of its waters in curing disease. Sig. [Signification] Well of the virtuous water.
CRAOBH BIAL NA BUAIDH Craobh Bhial na Buaidh
Craobh Bhial na Buaidh
Craobh Bhial na Buaidh
"Craobh Bial na Buaidh."
John Campbell Ledaig
D McIlraith
P. McPherson
G.O. [Gaelic Orthography]
087 A tree which stands near the above well. In the trunk of this tree there is a large hollow into which it was considered necessary for any person either drinking or taking away any of the water of the well to deposit something lest they should incur the displeasure of the spirit who was supposed to keep watch over it (the well).
Sig. [Signification] The tree of the virtuous water.

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87-6 -- Ardchaggan Ph. [Parish] -- Argyllshire.

[Quotation re Tobar Bial na Buaidh:]
"Of springs it may be mentioned that there is one
about midway up the hill behind Achnacree
(Aonach-ard-o-heragan) named
bhile-na banna" New Stat. Accot. [Statistical Account]

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