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DÙN BHAILE AN RIGH Dun Baile an Righe
Dun Baile an Righe
Dun baile an righ
Dun bhail an righ
"Dùn Bhaile an Righ"
Mr. Campbell, P.O. [Post Office] Ledaig.
Mr Beaton, Schoolmr. [Schoolmaster]
Admiralty Chart
Old. Stat. [Statistical] Account
GO. [Gaelic Orthography]
087 A ridge terminating in an abrupt precipice facing the main road on the East side thereof near Craigneuk. There is said to have been a fort on it at one time, but nothing of that sort is to be seen now.
Sig: [Signification] "The Hill or Fort of the King's town"
CREAG AN EIG Creag an h-Eug
Creag an h-Eug
"Creag an Eig."
Rev. [Reverend] Mr. Calman Ardchattan
Mr. Campbell, Ledaig
G.O. [Gaelic Orthography]
087 This is the precipice mentioned above, rising above the main road perpendicularly to the height of nearly 100 feet. It is currently stated that when Berigonium was in the possession of the Romans, this Craig was used as a place of execution for Prisoners. Hence the name.
Sig: [Signification] "The Craig of Death"
"There is a tradition that Beregonium was destroyed by fire from Heaven in confirmation of which the summit of Dun bhail an Righ projecting and overhanging the road, has a volcanic appearance and a most hideous aspect."
Ext: [Extract] Old Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account]

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Sheet 87-1 Parish of Ardchattan, Argyllshire.

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See Forbes's Gaelic Grammar page 209

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