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[Lefthand column]
O.S.O. [Ordnance Survey Office] Southamption
15th. October 1872.

Will you be
pleased to decide
how the following
name shall be written
in the plans of the
Ordnance Survey.
Captain Melville
writes on the plans of
Argyllshire, "Linnhe Loch".
Captain Bolland on
[the] plans of Invernessshire,
"Loch Linnhe", the
[ ] is whether Loch
[should] be prefixed
[or post]fixed.

[Colonel] Cameron
C.B. R.E. [--- Royal Engineers]

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[Righthand column]
Major Parsons
Please let me
see the authorities
on both sides.
J Cameron
ColRE [Colonel Royal Engineers]

I think "Loch
Linnhe" should
be adopted
J Cameron
ColRE [Colonel Royal Engineers]
16/10/72 [1872]

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