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Supposed Site of CHURCH AND BURIAL GROUND [Tyrie Mains] Supposed site of Church & Burial Ground
Supposed site of Church & Burial Ground
Supposed site of Church & Burial Ground
Revd. [Reverend] Mr Milne, Tyrie Manse

Dr [Doctor] Oglivie, Boyndlie Cottage

Mr Cato, Tyrie Mains
002 The Authorities quoted state that the ancient Parish Church is supposed to have stood a little to the East of the present farm house of Tyrie Mains and near the Circular mound at the North end of garden, prior to the War of Independence. The Remains of a Burial Place having been discovered here, tends to confirm this. Doctor Ogilvie states that tradition is pretty strong as to the church having formerly stood near this place. (Tyrie Mains)
"There is no date upon the Church, nor has the age of it being found in any record. It is supposed to have been built about the year 1004, when the Thane of Buchan routed the Danish Army upon the neighbouring hills; which from a Chieftain who was killed still retains the name of Sinclair. It was built (as
Tradition Says) for a chapel to the religious house which once stood in its vicinity, and had an aisle joined to it when it became a Parish Church. This Church was formerly well known by the name of "The white Kirk of Buchan," and a celebrated modern historian (Dr [Doctor] Henry) mentions that a queen once proposed to visit this same edifice. The oldest date legible upon any of the ancient Pews is 1596." Old Statistical Account
The site or supposed site of the Religious house above referred to could not be identified on the ground by the examiner.

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