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Revd. [Reverend] J. Duncan Aberdeen
James Duncan Burntsmithy
J. Lawerence Turriff
011 attempts being ever made to recover them, so very careless were the inhabitants, that although they had an offer of them about Sixty years ago on payment of 20 £s, that trifling sum could not be raised, and what is become of them now is unknown, and the inhabitants gradualy deprived of their priviledges, have no way to support their right, it is now owned by the Earl of Fife, and very well known by that name.
BURN OF WARDS Burn of Wards Revd [Reverend] J. Duncan Aberdeen
James Duncan Burntsmithy
J. Lawrence Turriff
011 A Small Stream taking its rise in the Wards and flowing in a Westerly direction to its Confluence with the Burn of Hilton, there united waters then assumes the name of Burn of Dulcerstone

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County of Aberdeen. Parish of Turriff.

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