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HATTON CASTLE Hatton Castle G. Duff Esq. Tenant
Alexander Anderson Mains of Hatton
Alexander McQueen Lower oldmill
019 Formerly Hatton Lodge. But rebuilt in the years 1812-13, & 14, and well Known by Hatton Castle since then, it is a Square building, having at each corner a round tower, which rise to the full height of the building, it is situated about three and a half mile South of the Town of Turriff. And having in that direction, a long and commanding view. Balquholly is the Name of the Estate, attached to this Castle that being the old original name, the grounds are beautifully laid out, with Wood, Lakes, and ornamental Paths. etc. and is the property of G. Duff. Esq. of Hatton.
Balquholly is supposed to mean the "house in the Wood". This ancient feudal designation is now changed into the modern title of Hatton. The Castle Balquholly was formerly the seat of Mouat of Balquholly, the chief of that name, and for many generations of considerable note in the north. It was also a seat of Sir Thomas Urquhart of Cromarty when he opposed the Covenanters in 1609. It then past into the hands of James A. Erskine, brother to the laird of Pittodrie, and was sold in 1727 to Duff of Hatton. The original Castle of Balquholly was supposed to have been built about the year 1252.

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