List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
TUMULUS [Continued] when bringing this part of his land under the plough.
STONE COFFIN CONTAINING HUMAN REMAINS FOUND HERE A.D. 1820 [Balmellie] A Stone Coffin containing Human Remains found here A.D. 1820 Alexander Smith Belmellie Crofts
Josef Stephens Croft of Colp
Revd [Reverend] J Duncan Aberdeen
011 A Stone Coffin containing Human Remains found here by one Alexander Webster while trenching a portion of his land on the Crofts of Belmellie in 1820.
HILL OF ARDIN Hill of Arden Thomas Forsyth Backside of Colp
Alexander Smith Belmellie Crofts
John Watts Upper Smiiddyseat
011 A small hill of Slight Eminence, and entirely covered with heath. This was originally called the Wood of Ardin, the Trees have all been cut down a long time ago it is now well known as Hill of Ardin

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County of Aberdeen. Parish of Turriff.

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