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BURN OF BRAINLOAN Burn of Brainloan
Burn of Brainloan
Burn of Brainloan
Mr. Sam Tawse Haughton
Mr. A Taylor Miller
Mr. Begg Milltown
061 A small stream rising in a mossy tract of ground Called the Brain Loan and falling into the Burn of Towie.
Mr. Coutts Occupier
Mr. Sam Tawse
Mr. A Taylor Miller
061 A farmsteading Consisting of dwellinghouse office & garden the property of H. Lumsden Esqr of Clova Kildrummy Ph. [Parish] Aberdeenshire
Craigheedy Hill
Craigheedy Hill
Mr. Coutts
Mr. Taylor
Mr Tawse
061 A lofty hill Covered with Heathy pasture & Furze
BURN OF TOWIE Burn of Towie
Burn of Towie
Burn of Towie
Dr [Doctor] Profeit Nether Towie
Mr. Begg Milltown of Towie
Mr. Taylor Mill of Towie
061 A small stream formed by the junction of the Leabrae Burn and the Long Burn flows in an easterly direction & falls into the River Don at Milltown of Towie.

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