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CHURCH [Towle] Church
Revd. [Reverend] Mr Milne
Mr. Fyfe late Schoolmaster
Mr. Fyfe Belnaboth
061 A very plain building erected AD 1803, it is seated for 500 persons and is surrounded by a graveyard.
SCHOOL [Towle] School
Revd [Reverend] Mr. Milne
Mr. Fyfe
Dr. [Doctor] Profeit Nether Towie
061 A plain substantial building erected A.D. 1811, there is a Schoolmasters house attached. Average number of pupils at School 110.
TOWIE CASTLE (In Ruins) Towie Castle (In ruins)
Towie Castle (In ruins)
Towie Castle (In ruins)
Revd [Reverend] J Milne Minister
Mr. John Fyfe late Schoolmaster
Dr. Profeit Nether Towie
061 These Ruins Consist of a high Square tower, and part of an arched Chamber a little West of the tower. No information can be had on the ground respecting the date of its erection or demolition.

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Parish of Towie

Note: Towie Castle -- "The most Conspicuous object of Antiquity is the ruins of the Castle of Towie, of which a square Tower is almost all that now remains. In November 1751, Sir Adam Gordon of Auchindour sent Captain Ker with a party of foot to the Castle of Towie, to summon it in the Queen's name. Alexander Forbes its possessor, was then absent, and his lady, whose maiden name was Margaret Campbell, not only refused to surrender, but also poured on Captain Ker a torrent of abuse, and from the battlement took a deliberate aim and fired at him: but the ball only :grazed his knee", whereupon, transported with rage, he ordered his men to set fire to the Castle, where the lady, her Children, and domestics, in all thirty seven persons, perished in the flames. The remains of the lady were interred in the church-yard at what is now Called the farm of Nethertowie, where a white stone long marked her grave. This Catastrophe gave rise to a ballad, which commemorates the particulars." (Statistical Account)

Note: See an exactly similar story as to Corgarff Castle in the Name Book for Strathdon.

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