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Mr. William Stewart Occupier
Mr. Samuel Smith Milltown
Mr. John Ross Gateside
061 A Farm consisting of a dwelling house with good farm Office houses land garden detached. Situated a little South of a deep and long ravine forming the Parish boundary and called the Den of Kildrummy, which supplied the name 'Den' to the Farm here on the South of it, situated abt. [about] ¾ of a mile S.W. [South West] of Milltown Abt. [about] ½ a mile W.S.W. [West South West] of Milltown Dam (at the front part of the Den of Kildrummy) The property of Mr. Joseph Gordon etc.
Mr. Samuel Smith Occupier
Mr. John Meikle Occupier
Mr. John Ross Gateside
061 Situated on the parish Boundary Stream brtn. [between] the parishes of Towie and Kildrummy and within a few Chains of the River Don and at the north side of the Don. The greater portion of the Hamlet is on the Kildrummy Side of the boundary which in all consist of a large Farm and a few small Crofts with a few Shops etc. partially the property of Mr. Joseph Gordon.
Gallows Hillock
Gallows Hillock
Mr. Samuael Smith Shoemaker Milltown
Mr. John Ross Gateside
Mr. William Stewart Den
061 A Conspicuous Knoll which was lately under plantation, North of a public Road and extending from Gateside Farm to the Smithy of Milltown. Vestiges of a Gallows for Executing Criminals is said to have been visible, upon the Summit, till of late years. Between the letters S. and H. on trace (viz of the name) occupy the Summit, it is also known sometimes by the name Bog Hillock
The property of Mr. Joseph Gordon etc.

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