List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
Dr [Doctor] Garden.
Mr Beveridge, Craich.
Mr Murray, Stonefold.
Estate Plan
Val. [Valuation] Roll. 1860.
063 A cluster of thatched dwelling houses and office houses, all in good condition. Property of Mr Byres. On the estate plan the name is written Craick, but Dr [Doctor] Garden who was factor for the estate of Tonley for a number of years, says it is quite wrong.
SHILLING OF QUEEN ELIZABETH'S FOUND HERE A.D. 1862 [Craich] 063 A number of years ago, date of finding 1862, whilst Mr Dinwall of Craich, was employed reclaiming land, he dug up a Shilling, of Queen Elizabeth, which is at present in the possession of A. Farquharson, Whitehouse
FINDLATREE Findlatree Dr [Doctor] Garden
Mr Simpson, tenant.
Valuation Roll 1859 & 60.
James G.M. Byers Esq. Tonley House
063 A large farmsteading consisting of a dwelling house and office houses, all thatched and in good repair. Property of Mr Byres.
LATCH Latch Mr Byres.
Mr Calder
Dr [Doctor] Garden
Estate Plan 1831
063 A one storey dwelling house with office houses, all thatched and in good condition. In the Valuation Roll this name is spelled Larch which, according to the authorities, is wrong.

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Aberdeenshire -- Ph [Parish] of Tough

[Note beside 'Findlatree'] This is a most unusual corruption. The spelling is given 4 times in the 15th Cent [Century] Findletter (White hillside)
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