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LUATH'S STONE Luaths Stone
Luaths Stone
Luaths Stone
Luath's Stone
Revd. [Reverend] H. McConnagh. Registrar, Alford
A. Farquharson Esqr. Whitehouse,
Mr F. Minto Stationmaster Alford
New Statistical Account
063 This is a large block of Granite apparently in its rough natural state, (unknown), when viewed from a short distance it presents the appearance of a monstrous wedge, standing on end, it being 3 feet broad, at the base but gradually widens towards the top, when it is about 4 It is about 2 feet thick, the whole, height; and 10 feet high; there is probably 4 or 5 feet of it underground, to balance what is above, so that it may remain upright, Its surface is concave towards the South & convex towards the North, and covered with a hard crust probably the accumulation of centuries. "It is supposed that a Son of Macbeth's, named Luath, was buried under or near it. he being slain after retreating from the battle of Lumphanan," see statistical acct. [account] Luath was slain in Essie & buried in Iona.
The records a clear on these points.
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Aberdeenshire -- Parish of Alford

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