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Mr. A. F. Douglas. Factor. Haddo House
Mr. James Milne Auquhorthies
Mr. James Cooper Occupier
046 Applies to a croft in the occupation of Mr. James Cooper & property of the Right Hon. [Honourable] the Earl of Aberdeen
Mr. A. F. Douglas Factor Haddo House
Mr. George Shepherd occupier
Mr. James Milne Auquhorthies
046 Applies to a very large & commodious farm steading with Mansion house and garden attached in the occupation of Mr. Shepherd and property of the Earl of Aberdeen
STONE CISTS FOUND HERE A.D. 1846 [Craigies] Stone Cists found here 1846 Mr. George Shepherd Craigies
Alexander Gray, Craigies
046 When Alexander Gray was digging for gravel for road purposes in 1846 he discovered near to the surface a number of Stone Cists; the exact number could not be obtained; but might be 3 or 4. the dimensions were about 1 ft. 3in. deep by 3 to 4 feet in length and about 1½ feet broad & consisted of flags built up end-ways but now they were lying, whether East & West North or South, I am unable to find out - There was nothing in the coffins

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