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CAIRN (Remains of) [East Shethin] Cairn (Remains of) Mr. Shepherd, Shethin
Mr. Hay, East Shethin
038 Mr Hay, farmer of East Stethin, when a young man some 50 years since, was employed as overseer in bringing the land in this immediate neighbourhood under cultivation for the first time. He remembers of an extensive cairn of stones being removed from this place. At the bottom of the cairn a number of stones coffins were found. A great quantity of burnd ashes, and a great many bones of a large Size, supposed to have been human.
STONE CISTS FOUND HERE [cairn, East Shethin] Stone Cists found here Mr Shepherd Shethin
Mr Hay East Shethin
038 Two Cists are still to be seen, one of which measures about 7 feet in length 3 feet in breadth and is lying due east west. The other cist is about 4 feet square & both have evidently been opened & their contents carried away.
STANDING STONE [East Shethin] Standing Stone
Standing Stone
Mr. Shepherd
Mr. Hay
038 A large stone about 5 feet in height, 4 feet in breadth. Mr Hay says that this Stone is one of remaining of the outter circle which formerly
stood here.

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