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BRONZE SWORD FOUND HERE [Little Meldrum] Bronze Sword (found here)
Bronze Sword (found here)
Bronze Sword (found here)
Mr. Samuel Davidson
Mr. Peter Henderson
Mr. Hay,
038 About 25 years since while Mr Samuel avidson tenant of Little Meldrum, was employed opening a drain he came upon a Bronze Sword sunk in the earth about 2 feet. It was about 2 feet in length, double edged, and very much corroded. It was presented by the finder to Mr Melvile, late Schoolmaster of Tarves in whose possession ir was for many years after.
BACKHILL OF LITTLE MELDRUM Backhill of Little Meldrum
Backhill of Little Meldrum
Mr Samuel Davidson
Mr Peter Henderson
Mr Hay
038 A Crofter's house and steading etc. one Story, thatched and in good repair: property of the Earl of Aberdeen
HILL OF LITTLE MELDRUM Hill of Little Meldrum
Hill of Little Meldrum
Mr Samuel Davidson.
Mr Peter Henderson
Mr Hay.
038 A small hill feature, situated about ¼ of a mile north of Little Meldrum: property of the Earl of Aberdeen.

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