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Parish of Tarves

River Ythan - [Continued from previous page]
cockles and mussels in large quantities, the last eagerly sought after for bait by the fishermen along the coast. The great number of smal fry at the mouth of this stream is said to collect an immense variety of seafowl and and other birds - greater perhaps, than on any other river in Scotland. The Ythan for about a quarter of a mile from its mouth, is hemmed in by rocks and sand banks within narrow bounds, but a little higher up, the stream expands into a spacious bay averaging, at high water, six hundred yards in breadth; and with its many creeks and inlets, is in some places nearly a mile. The length of the pool is about three miles; hence at a moderate calculation, the quantity of water which at spring tides - allowing an average depth of six feet - issues from the neck of the river is about fix or Six millions of cubic yards every six hours. It may therefore be imagined with what terrific impetuosity the water, on the retrocession of the tide forces its way back into the ocean. The river is navigable as far as Newburgh a mile from the Sea"
by the Rev [Reverend] John B Pratt M.A. [Master of Arts]
Chapter XIV. P. 227, 228 & 229.

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