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TARVES [village] Tarves
Revd. [Reverend] Francis Knox. The Manse
Mr. William Duthie Merchant (& Banker)
John Hepburn Esqr. Surveyor
037 A small village. the only one in the parish, Consisting of parish Church, Manse. School Female School one public house Post office, Bank etc and a considerable number of ordinary dwelling houses, outhouses, gardens, etc having a population of about 200 inhabitants. There are feeing markets held here for Servants also, grain & cattle markets in January, February, March and the end of July about a mile north of the village is the principal market Stance, Called Ord Hill. This and the whole parish is the property of The Right Hon. [Honourable] The Earl of Aberdeen
CHURCH [Tarves] Church
Statistical Account 1843.
Revd. [Reverend] Francis Knox
John Hepburn Esqr.
Collections of the Shires
037 "The Church was built in 1798 and underwent Considerable improvements about Seventeen years ago." vide Statistical Account p. 669. A plain substantial building, used as the parish church: having a choir and three side gallaries, and will accommodate about. 800 hearers, on the south of the church is the ruin of an Isle which belonged to the old Church. It was for the Forbes of Tolquhon who subsequently used it as a family vault or
burial ground part of the walls only, now remain.

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Parish of Tarves

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