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Bartholchapel Market Stance
Bartholchapel Market Stance
Market Customs
Mr. Joseph Arthur. Tenant

Mr. James Morrison. Hattoslap
Mr. George Gray. Keilyford

Valuation Roll 1859-60
037 A market or fair is held here, for Cattle, horses, & sheep etc once a year about the first of September and has been established here for a great number of years but its origin or the date of Charter (if any) cannot be now correctly ascertained from any of the local authorities in this district.
Valuation Roll 1859-60
A.F. Douglass Esqr. Factor.
Mr. John Jaffray. Tenant
037; 037 An ordinary farm house, with offices garden etc. attached, known by this name. This farm has been Subdivided into several tenements, principally for improving and cultivating the land, therefore all the tenements or dwellings are called Couchercairn, but one is the original which gives the name to it probably the origin of the name was a "Cairn", which may have stood near this place formerly, but at present no account can be obtained of such. The property of The Right Hon. [Honourable] The Earl of Aberdeen

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Parish of Tarves

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