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Mr. Andrew Littlejohn Tenant
Mr. Peter Walker
Valuation Roll 1859-60
Rent Receipts etc.
Mr James Shepherd Bogside
037 This name applies to two crofts, having outhouses, gardens and a few acres of land to each. This was formerly a disputed portion, between adjoining proprietors, and therefore remained a rough Common, Muir, to which each proprietor claimed a right, until the present proprietor bought all the surrounding land, which ended the dispute. It is now nearly all under cultivation, and about equally divided between the adjoining parishes, Tarves, Fyvie and Methlick. The property of The Right Hon. [Honourable] The Earl of Aberdeen
Bankhead of Bartholchapel
Bankhead of Bartholchapel
Bartholchapel part of
Bartholchapel art of
Mr. Peter Walker. Tenant.
Mr. James Shepherd
Mr. Andrew Littlejohn
Mr. William Taylor Bogside
Valuation Roll.
Rent Receipts . etc.
037 An ordinary farm house and Croft with outhouses etc. attached formerly part of the farm at Bartholchapel but now a seperate holding and Commonly Called Bankhead, or Bankhead of Bartholchapel.

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