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CAKE WELL Cake well
Cake well
Cake well
Mr. George Marr Cairnbrogie
Mr. George Penny Cairnbrogie
Mrs. Peter Penny Cairnbrogie
046 An excellent spring well, well Known by that name situated about a quarter of a mile South West of Cairnbrogie
Site of CAIRN BROGIE Site of Cairn Brogie Mr. George Marr, Cairnbrogie
Mr. Penny Cairnbrogie
Mrs. Penny Cairnbrogie
046 Mrs Penny an intelligent woman about 67 years of age, remembers when a girl of seeing a Cairn of Stones of Considerable height, on the the hill of Cairnbrogie & remembers of hearing of Urns, bones, and a stone troughlet being found in the clearing away of what was then called the "Bleedy Cairn".
URNS, HUMAN REMAINS AND GOLD COINS FOUND HERE [Hill of Cairnbrogie] Urns, Human Remains and Gold Coins found here as above 046 Mr Marr Tenant of Cairnbrogie has a faint recollection of hearing that his father found gold coins, urns, human remains, & a stone trough in the clearing away of the Cairn but cannot tell anything about their date or c. [century] The trough is of beautiful red sandstone, neatly chiseled, about 2 feet long, 15 inches broad, 8 inches deep, and is preserved by Mr Marr, at Cairnbrogie

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