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Cairn Vachich
Cairn Vachich
Cairn Vachich
Mr. John Stewart Bridgend
Mr. Donald Cumming Bridgend
Mr. Alexander Coutts Bridgend
Mr. James Farquharson Bridgend
059 This name is applied to a hill of Considerable hight and extent, situated about 3 miles north of the Parish Church of Corgarff, property of Mr Farquharson, Allargue
Meikle Cor Riabhach
Meikle Cor Riabhach
Rev [Reverend] Charles McHardy, Manse
Mr. John Davidson Milltown
Mr. W Shaw Castletown
059 A hill of considerable height and extent, situated about a mile east of the old military road where it crosses the watershed at the pass of the height.
BURN OF DARARACH Burn of Dirrara
Burn of Dirrara
Burn of Dirrara
Burn of Dirrara
Estate Plan 1816
Rev [Reverend] Charles McHardy
Mr. John Davidson
Mr. William Shaw
059 A small mountain stream rising in a hill about a mile west of the Shiel of Ernan, and falls into the Ernan Water about that place.

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Note: Meikle Cor Riabhach. Riabhach - Common lousewort. Riabhach, - Brindled, greyish, grizzled (Gaelic) Còrr- A snout, a bill, often occurs in the orthography of Argyllshire nearly of the same sense as Sròn Còrr- riabhach is a crane

Note: Burn of Dirrara - Dirrara much to be preferred, probably from dairbhre pron. [prounced] darrery - place of the oak. cf. [compare] Allt Darrarie, Glenmuick Dararaich (Gaelic) - A rattling noise, slap dash, etc - written also dairearaich

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