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Parish of Tarland Detached

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Sh [Sheet] 68 Corr Buidhe 1st Col [Column] O.N.Bk [Ordnance Name Book]
Corbuie 2nd Col [Column] O.N.Bk [Ordnance Name Book]

"Cor Buidhe"- very likely better than Corr
Buidhe. See Little Cor Riabhach and Meikle
Cor Riabhach respectively in 59 page 25
Strathdon Ph [Parish and 59 page 8 Tarland Det [Detached] Ph [Parish]
I do not quite understand this application of
the word Cor as applied to these three names.
Little & Meikle Cor Riabach are
Surrounding Coire Riabhach (brindled hollow) and applied
to hill features.

Sh [Sheet] 68. Meikle Caochan Tarsuinn 1st & 2nd Col [Column] O.N.Bk [Ordnance Name Book]
"Caochan Tarsuinn Mhòr" (in pencil)
The Gaelic form should be Caochan Tarsuinn Mòr
Meikle Caochan Tarsuinn (the anglisised
form) may be better known in the
Allan McDonald
16.10.95 [16 October 1895]

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