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Parish of Tarland Detached

[Handwritten letter attached to page 16]
Sh. [Sheet] 60 Sròn Aonghais 1st Col [Column] O.N.Bk [Ordnance Name Book]
Stronaonghais Hill 2nd Col. [Column] O.N.Bk [Ordnance Name Book]
It appears that Hill was cancelled through some corres-
pondence or other. If the hill is to be retained It would
be better in this form Hill of Sròn Aonghais like
"Hill of Allt na Creige" on the same plan & others.

Sh. [Sheet] 60. Càrn Mòre 1st Col. [Column] O.N.Bk [Ordnance Name Book]
Cairnmore Hill 2nd Col. [Column] O.N.Bk [Ordnance Name Book]
If Hill is to be retained it would be better
to keep to the anglicised form but like the above
name it was changed thro' [through] correspondence.
Allan McDonald
16.10.95 [16 October 1895]

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