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CULQUHANY CASTLE Culquhanny Castle
Culquhanny Castle
Culquhanny Castle
Statistical Account 1843
Revd [Reverend] John Watt. The Manse
Mr A.G. Anderson. Schoolmaster
Alexander Davidson Esq Factor
Valuation Roll. 1859-60
060 "Tradition Says Culquhanny Castle was built by Forbes of Towie (a cadet of the Putachie family who married the heiress of Towie) early in the Sixteenth century, but it was never finished" [vide] statistical account 1843 page 543. This building evidently has been intended for a stronghold, as it is all arched over and made bombproof & having loop holes &c. It is now in a very dilapidated state, the ground floor and part the first floor is all that remains at present, and the ground floor is now used as a Cellar or Store room From the appearance of the ground it would readily be supposed that there had formerly been a moat around this building. but if it had been completed or used as such, cannot be assertained it is now filled up
COUL OF NEWE Coul of Newe
Coul of Newe
Coul of Newe
Alexander Davidson Esq Factor
Revd [Reverend] John Watt. The Manse
Mr A.G. Anderson
Valuation Roll
060 Two ordinary farm houses, with offices garden &c attached also two Cottages known by this name the property of Sir Charles Forbes of Newe Castle

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Parish of Strathdon

[Note beside 'Culquhanny Castle' Remains of]
Colquhonny Castle proper spelling
Culquhony, in 1438.
[Initialled] JMcD

This name should be written "Colquhonny" as always is done in maps of the district. (The most important part of the place at present is that there is a good Inn here, the only one for many miles East or west)

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