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Ca Mor
Ca Mor
Ca Mor
Rev [Reverend] Mr McHardy, Manse
Mr William Shaw, Castletown
Mr Alexander McRae, Laggenauld
Mr James Farquharson, Corgaff.
Jamieson's Dictionary
059 This name is applied to a district of heathy pasture ground, situated between Cairn Ealasaid, and Bein-a-Cruinnich; part of which is in Aberdeenshire and part in Banffshire; property of the Duke of Richmond and Mrs Farquharson, Allargue.
BEINN A' CHRUINNICH Beinn-à-Cruinnich
Rev [Reverend] Mr McHardy
Mr William Shaw
Mr Alexander McRae
Mr James Farquharson
059 A hill of considerable height, and extent, circular in shape, and is situated about three miles south of a place called Blairmarrow, part of which is in Banffshire and part in Aberdeenshire. - property of the Duke of Richmond and Mrs. Farquharson. Allargue.

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Parish of Strathdon

[Note beside 'Cà Mòr']
? Ca where. &c.
More. Great. large. of great size -- The Big Cattle drive or grazing ground
Cadha mor "big pass" [Initialled] JMcD.

[Note beside 'Beinn a' Chruinnich']
'Beinn a' Chruinneach'
'Hill of the gathering' [Initialled] JMcD
Beinn, A hill,
Cruinnich. Gather, collect, assemble, (Gaelic)
The gathering Hill, but whether this name is derived from the gathering of the Clans or the gathering of the mist &c. on its summit cannot be satisfactorily ascertained.

It is a provisionalism to make a noun of the Cruinnich
Thus so participle of the verb Cruinnich, viz. Cruinneachadh is properly a noun but not Cruinnich

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