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Aisslerbar Strype
Aisslerbar Strype
Estate map of Property AD 1766
Mr William Ross Littletolly
Mr Alexander Cameron Bluefold
069 a Small Stream issues from Springs and runs in a N.W. [North West] direction for about 20. Chains and enters the Water of Carvie at a point where the Culdu Burn also enters Strype in Jamieson's Signifies a Small Stream etc. etc.
GLEN MORE Glenmore
Mr Alexander Stewart Lynmore
Mr James Dowie Ettenbreck
Mr Alexander McRoberts Fleuchart
069 The Top of this Glen extends to the Parish Boundary a little W. [West] of Aultnabreber Hill and leads northward till it meets Glenbeg at Lynmore Farm at the upper part of Glen Conrie The property Col: [Colonel] Forbes.

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Parish of Strathdon

[Note beside 'Aisirbhàrr Stripe']
Aisir Aisre, and Aisridh A defile a path a passage a hill
Bhàrr asperated form of Bàrr A top, Summit, uppermost part of anything, etc
Very doubtful probably Scotch [Initialled] JMcD
Aisir. A passage, pass, path, defile
Bharr. From. from off "Bhàrr na talmhairm", from off the earth. (Gaelic)

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