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Sh. [Sheet] 69. Carndubh 1st col [first column] O.N. Bk [Ordnance Name Book]
Cairndhu Hill 2nd col [second column] O.N. Bk [Ordnance Name Book]
If Hill is to be retained I would suggest
Carndhu Hill. I am of opinion
that Hill crept into this name later on and
that Càrn Dubh in two words is the original

Sh. [Sheet] 69. Càrn Fiaclach 1st col [first column] O.N. Bk [Ordnance Name Book]
The name in 1st Col [first Column] is good enough.
See above remark.

Sh. [Sheet] 69. Meikle Sgroilleach Hill
See notes in pencil on 69 page 192 of this
book. Not being on the ground I cannot
suggest a spelling different to those given.
[Signed] Alexander McDonald. 16.10.95 [1895]

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