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CLACH A' CHOUTTSAICH Clach-a-Choutts-ich
Cloch Couttsich
Mr William Shaw Castletown
Legends of Mar
Donean Tourist. 9.
068 Applies to a large carn of Boulders, deriving its name from a Captain of the name of Coutts being killed here in a feud between the Clans Allan of Corgarff and the Coutts's of Braemar
"Near this is a large stone without any inscription, called Cloch Couttsich (Coutt's stone.)"
Esk Each
Mr William Shaw Castletown
Mr Farquharson Dulridge
Mr A McHardy Newe
068 Applies to an extensive piece of ground between the streams Allt Dubh-mheir and Caochan Raineach
CLACH A' CHOUTSAICH [1895] Mr J. Macdonald, The Farm, Huntly N.B. [North Britain] 068 For 1" purposes only, see remark in Index. 1895.
ALLT DUBH MEOIR Allt Dubh-meoir
Allt Duiver
Ault Duver
Ault Duiver
Mr William Shaw Castletown
Mr A. McHardy Newe
Johnston's Map of Aberdeenshire
Estate Plan of Edinglassie, 1816
068 A mountain stream the upper part of which is called Caochan Cam rising in the hill called Brown Cow, and flowing in a N.W. [North West] direction falls into the Bheannaich about ½ mile south from Inchmore

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Parish of Strathdon

[Note beside 'Uisge each']
See notes
Esk misspelling of Easg A fen, A bog &c. a ditch, formed by nature &c,
Each - Eich A horse
Uisge. ? water (Gaelic)

[Note beside 'Allt Dubh Mheoir']
Allt Dubh Mheòir
See notes [Initialled] JMcD
Allt. A mountain stream
Dubh. Black
Meoir. gen. et. pl [genitive plural] of meur - meur A finger.
Signifies "Burn of the Black finger." - [Initialled] E.H.C.

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