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SLAINS CASTLE (Ruins of) Old Castle of Slains
Old Castle of Slains
Old Castle of Slains
Pratt's history of Buchan. page 30
Mr George Phillips. Old Castle.
Mr Alexander Milne. Old Castle.
039 A fine old ruin standing up in the midst of a small fishing village on the coast:-
About a mile northwards from the Kirk, are the ruins of the old Castle of Slains, overlooking the German Ocean. It belonged originally to the Earls of Buchan, and became afterwards, for many generations, the seat of the noble family of Erroll. There is some doubt whether the castle owed its origin to Fergus, Earl of Buchan, who lived about the time of William the Lion, or to the Comyns, who shortly afterwards succeeded to the earldom through marriage with Marjory, or Margaret, only daughter of Fergus, and Countess of Buchan in her own right.
The situation is very striking - bold, precipitous rocks, and steep braes: a fine bay on the north, and a broad sweep inland on the south, over which the rocks tower to a magnificent height, form the principal features of the place, The ruin itself - consisting of two sides of a solitary tower - stands out boldly on the brow of a peninsular rock. There is every appearance of its having been protected by a deep fosse, with a drawbridge - some remains of the outworks being still visible. These huge remains of massive masonry of run-work, thick enough to admit of ample room for a passage in the walls, indicate the original strength of the building. The castle was destroyed in 1594, when James VI, marched into the north, after the battle of Glenlivet, to reduce the powerful Earls of Huntly and Erroll to obedience; but even in its decay, this bold and interesting remnant of feudal greatness still retains an attitude of gaunt superiority over the dwarfish habitations that have arisen around its base. Extract from Pratt's history of Buchan, page 30.

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Aberdeenshire -- Parish of Slains

[Sketch beside 'Slains Castle'] - Sketch of the Ruins of Slains Castle from the land.

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