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Supposed Site of ROMAN ROAD (Site of Supposed)
Roman Road
(Site of Supposed)
Roman Road
(Site of Supposed)
Roman Road
Mr Alexander Beaton, Bonniton [Bonnyton]
Mr William Wilson, Lochside
Mr James Mortimer, Irelandbrae
036 Mr Beaton of Bonniton has pointed
out to me the supposed Roman Road.
He says it crosses the boundary from
the parish of Culsamond, a little
west of the farm of Newbigging,
which is situated on the boundary
in the parish of Culsamond, and follows the track of the present road which crosses the
Burn of Bonniton and passes the Home Farm of Freefield, continuing on till it passes the
farm of Mains of Loanhead and Loanhead, and about four chains further on it leaves the present road and curves to the right till it comes to a farmsteading called High Cockmuir, which is called Cockmuir on trace. Then turning past the corner of the farmsteading runs nearly straight till it comes to the School near the Church of Rayne, and joins the
present road for a little way, when it leaves the road and curves past the farmsteading
of Lochside, (the farmer here says, he removed a portion of the foundation of this road, which was all paved, ) then joining the present road, runs past Lentush, till it comes to Elspet's Cairn, after that I can't find any trace of it. The portion at Elspet's Cairn
can be easily traced, the farmer at Irelandbrae pointed this portion out to me, and he says
that in 1857, he removed a great quantity of large stones from the foundation, and came
across some very strange looking stones, some of them which I saw, like small Mill Stones, for grinding corn with. I have left the road hanging at Irelandbrae, as I can't get anyone
to point it out to me, on the boundary where it runs into the parish of Chapel of Garioch.

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