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Site of DRUIDICAL VILLAGE [Gariochsford] Druidical City Donean Tourist 053 At Gariochford is the remains of a Druidical city, surrounded with a ditch, one of the circles is nearly 171 feet in circumference, having an ally of about 50 feet, communicating with another circle on the south east, of the same dimension. From these two springs a walk about 57 feet in length, leading to the grand temple, where is a perpendicular stone about 8 feet in altitude, 3 in diameter, and in density 2½. About 60 feet from this is another Circle, nearly 180 feet in Circumference, having more upright stones. Donean Tourist pages 277, 278.
The perpendicular stone spoken of in this extract as being "8 feet in altitude, 3 in diameter and in density 2½" is all that now remains of these Circles - other information cannot now be got in the district respecting them, but the sites of cairns to the number of 7, may go so far to confirm the theory that this was a "Druidical Village".

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