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GADY BURN The Gaudie
The Gaudie
The Gaudie
Revd [Reverend] John Wilson.
Mr John Tough. Auchleven.
Mr Duffus. Bogside.
044 A stream of considerable size, running through the parishes of Clatt, Leslie, Premnay and Oyne. and joining the River Ury a short distance north of Logie Elphinstone, in the parish of Chapel of Garioch.
GADIE BURN [1895] Mr James Macdonald, The Farm, Huntly, N.B. [North Britain] 044 For 1" purposes only See Remark in Index. 1895.
STONE CISTS FOUND HERE [Auchleven] Eight stone cists found here
Eight stone cists found here
Eight stone cists found here
Eight stone cists found here
Eight stone cists found here
Revd [Reverend] John Wilson.
Mr John Tough.
Mr Duffus.
Mr William Tough. Auchleven.
044 Mr William Tough Auchleven, when cultivating his croft, at different times came across and dug up Eight Stone Cists. A few small pieces of bones were found in one of them, the others contained nothing but black earth.

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Parish of Premnay

[Note beside 'Gady Burn']
For authority, derivation &c., for "Gady Burn." See some Sheets of Auchindoir, and Leslie Parishes.

[Note beside 'Gadie Burn']
Though I prefer Gadie, it is uniformly spelt in this parish Gaudie, & elsewhere Gady & Gaudy. There is no certainty as to the proper form, nor any knowledge of the origin of the name, perhaps a uniform spelling in the several sheets should be adopted. [Initialled] JMcD.

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