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Site of STONE CIRCLE [Ardlow] (Site of) Stone Circle
(Site of) Stone Circle
Mr Peter Cowie, Overhall
Mr Andrew Gauld, Westfield
044 At one time a stone Circle stood here but the number of stones it comprised is not now known. The stones were removed for building purposes. When the interior of the circle was trenched, no antiquities were found.
Site of STONE CIRCLE [Overhall] (Site of) Stone Circle
(Site of) Stone Circle
(Site of) Stone Circle
Mr Peter Cowie
Mr Andrew Gauld
Mr Duffus, Bogside
044 This circle was composed of four stones, three of which have been broken up for various purposes, and the fourth can still be seen, removed from the position in which it had been placed and built into the wall close by. Underneath one of them a recess was found, in form exactly like the ordinary stone cists but rather larger, which was filled with ashes.

Probably the cist had been removed? [Initialled] EHC
Mr Peter Cowie
Mr Duffus
Mr John Tough
044 A portion of arable land sloping towards the east, close to the farmsteading of Overhall. Anciently it was at this place that the inhabitants of the parish held their athletic games and other sports.

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