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Site of ST JAMES'S CHAPEL St James's Chapel
St James's Chapel
St James's Chapel
St James's Chapel
St James's Chapel
Mr William Yeats, Foreside
Mrs Gould Westfield
Mr John Tough, Auchleven
Mr Peter Cowie, Westhall
Collections of the Shires
044 About 25 years ago, Mr Peter Cowie. farmer of Overhall, trenched Out the foundation of what was generally considered to be an old Grave Yard, The former tenant removed most of the earth and used it as manure, and from time to time great quantities of bones were turned up and removed. In the immediate neighbourhood of the Chapel, are a great quantity of fine building stones, built into the dikes. Mr Cowie cannot account for them in any other way than their being part of the old Chapel. The land immediately south and east of the Chapel is of the finest Kind in the parish, and the site is exceedingly well sheltered and secluded. It appears that the ditch shewn on trace has been cut right thro. the centre of the Chapel, for on examining the north face of the ditch at the place marked as the site, was found, what was considered to be the foundation of the north side wall; This band of stones extends about thirty feet east and west. The extent of the Grave Yard is quite distinct, and in looking at the portion of ground which is shewn as the site of the Chapel, it is quite evident that a chapel at a former period stood here. Tradition says that a Chapel dedicated to St. James stood on a slightly elevated ground about ½ mile west of Overhall, and about ½ mile north east of Westfield. Here also stood a stone Circle, but it was removed about 25 years ago, by Mr Peter Cowie. farmer of Overhall.

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