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CHURCH Church 002 Continued [from page 25]

"sometimes called the Visible Kirk as well as Cants Kirk"
"New Stat [Statistical] Account"
"About ¾ of a mile south west of the Castle of Pitsligo and on the southern slope of the hill is the Parish Church. It stands almost in the Centre of the Parish at the intersection of the Strichen and old Banff roads. The land north of the Church slopes to the sea in a fall of about 300 feet from which circumstance the church is seen at a great distance and hence is sometimes called "The Visible Kirk".
The Church of Pitsligo is of very curious architecture. The Belfry which is of beautifully carved stone and very striking in appearance seems to be a mixture of the Italian and the Dutch. This rare piece of stone Carving is said to have been brought from Holland; and altho the Belfry was not erected till 1635 the materials must have been in a state of early preparation as it bears the same date as that of the oldest portion of the edifice 1692."
"Pratts History of Buchan".

Something wrong in these dates 1592? [Initialled] [BD] Ca [Civilian assistant]
The Pouk
Mr Malcolm
James Laing
002 A small creek about an eighth of a mile south west from Haven of Braco.
Sign [Signification]- Unknown."

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[Page] 26
2.6 Parish of Pitsligo Aberdeenshire

[The date of the church 1692 has been circled and pencil marks say] "Something wrong in these dates" [and the date 1592 is written instead.]

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