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Col. [Colonel] Knight Erskine, Pittodrie
Plan of Division of Bennachie
Mr. William McLeod, Netherton, Fetternear
054 A prominent wooded hill feature at the eastern base of Bennachie, and about half a mile from Pittodrie House; property of Col. [Colonel] Knight Erskine, Pittodrie
STONE AXE FOUND HERE [Craignathunder] Stone Axe found here Col. [Colonel] Knight Erskine 054 Some time ago Col. [Colonel] Erskine of Pittodrie found a large Stone Axe here, about nine inches long and three and a half acrross [across] the mouth. Col. [Colonel] Erskine keeps it still in his own possession.

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Parish of Oyne

Note: CRAIGNATHUNDER - This must be Garioch Gaelic probably it mean Craig of the backside to the wind like Thundergay, Arran J.M.D James McDonald

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