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Site of ST NINIAN'S CHAPEL (Site of) Chapel Rev [Reverend] Donald Fraser, Oyne
Rev [Reverend] David Simpson, Oyne
Donean Tourist
044 "This was a Prebendary annexed to the Chapter of Aberdeen, by Richard Pottocht in 1256. The Parson was chief Notary, (and often called Rome raker, as in cases of necessity he was obliged to go to Rome for instructions. One of the Prebends was John Leslie, descended from the family of Balquhain. He was made Bishop of Ross in 1537, and wrate [wrote] a history of Scotland" Donean Tourist Page 297.
A few years ago, the walls of the Chapel were taken to enlarge and repair the Graveyard Dyke, and there is now no trace of the Chapel.
URNS FOUND HERE A.D. 1866 [Oyne] Urns found here A.D. 1866 Lady Leith of Westhall 044 In trenching the ground hereabout, 2 small Urns of the usual British type, & without ornament, were found; they were broken by the tools of the workmen, but the pieces may be seen at Westhall.

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Parish of Oyne

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