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Carden Farm
Carden Farm
Rent Receipt
Sir J.D.H. Elphinstone
Revd. [Reverend] Donald Fraser, Oyne
044 A farmsteading and dwelling house one storey thatched and in good repair; the property of Sir J.D.H. Elphinstone Bart. [Baronet]. Logie.
SCULPTURED STONES [Carden, Logie Elphinstone] Sculptured Stones 044 These stones, three in number, are now built into the wall on the east side of the turnpike road where the north approach to the house of Logie Elphinstone leaves it; two on the South and one on the west side of the lodge. They were found on the moor of Carden and placed where they now are, but Sir J.D.H. Elphinstone thinks of removing to some place nearer his residence. The sculpturing on two of them is pretty perfect, the third is a little defaced.

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