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BURIAL GROUND [Whitestripes] Burial Ground
Burial Ground
Burial Ground
Mr. Alexander Kenn
Mr. Alexander Cassie
Mr. William Scott
066 A small portion of enclosed ground containing a grave of one of the former proprietors of the then Estate of Whitestripes. It is said that this proprietor, (whose name was "Cassie") and his family are all buried in this grave. It is impossible to determine the date of the formation of the Grave Yard, as no one in the district remembers to have heard anything more concerning it than that it is the Grave of one of the former Lairds of Whitestripes. There is the fragments of one Headstone in the Enclosure, and with difficulty the figures 1647 can be made out. But whether this is the first and only stone that was erected, cannot be decided.

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