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Berryden House
Berryden House
Rev. [Reverend] R.A. Gray, Teacher, Grammer School
Aberdeen Directory
Mr. Scott, Berryden
075 A dwelling house, having outhouses, garden etc. attached. The property of H.F. Leslie Esqr.
DOWNIE'S GRAVE Downie's Grave
Downie's Grave
Alexander Flockhart Esqr.
H.F.Leslie Esqr.
075 This is the place where one of the Porters or Gatekeepers of the King's College was buried after being frightened to death. The tale told is that Downie being a very officious person, and being found of carrying tales, and complaints, to the Proffessors. The Students who at this period, resided within the University Gates, and many of the complaints which were told by Downie had reference to them. They determined to put a stop to his tale bearing propensites, by giving him a fright. Accordingly they assembled in one of the Class rooms in the College, appointed a judge & jury, had Council for the prosecution & defence. One of there number was sent for Downie, who was brought into the room, by some excuse of his conductor: When brought in and told that he was about to be tried for his life, poor Downie laughed, and no doubt thought that it was all a good joke, but before the trial was over the man began to think the matter was getting serious, his council did his best for him, but the Charges of telling the Proffessors storys could not be denied, and he was condemned to be beheaded, ten minutes were given him to prepare for death. A block and axe were now produced, and Downie was ordered to kneel & lay down his head, which he did, one of the party struck him a blow on the neck, with a wet towel, and poor Downie was dead. The Young men fled, some went abroad, and several were brought to trial, but none could be proved more guilty than another. The only confession made was " We were a airt and pairt in Downie's Slaughter"
[signed, J Sloan Sapper Royal Engineers ]

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