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Old Machar
Old Machar
Old Machar

Old Machar

Old Machar

Old Machar

Old Machar
Fullarton's Gazetteer. Vol. [Volume] 1
Statistical Account. 1842.
Keith and Gibb's Map. 1862
John Angus Esq. Town Clerk of Aberdeen.
T. Skene Esq. Inspector of Poor for Ph. [Parish]
Rev. [Reverend] Robert Smith. Parish Minister.
Johnston's County Map of Abersh. [Aberdeenshire]
Mr. A. Diack. Meresman and Poor Rates Collector.
066 ; 075 ; 086 Is bounded on the north by the parishes of New Machar and Belhelvie; on the east by the Sea; on the South by the parish of St. Nicholas Kincardineshire; and on the west by the parishes of Banchory-Devenick, Newhills, and Dyce. Its greatest length, from North to South, is about 7½ miles; and its greatest breadth is about 4 miles. The river Dee divides it from Kincardineshire; and the river Don goes windingly across its centre. Its surface rises slowly from the beach, and is beautifully diversified by heights and hollows and by the fruits of art. The general landscape is pleasent, and comprises some fine close scenes and a good far-away view. Its chief features are the beach and Sea, the course of the river, some woods on the Don, clump of trees on the rising grounds, country mansions, Villas, manufactories, Villages, the town of Old Aberdeen. The steep and rugged banks of the Don, from the house of Seaton, to below the old bridge, are truly romantic. Many curious little Sandhills occur near Ferryhills, moulded into various forms, and disposed in all directions, seemingly by the retiring of some immense quantity of water. The soil of some parts of the parish is naturally fertile; but that of other parts either lies barren or has been forced into productiveness by the labour and expense. The principal mansions are Grandholm, Scotstown, Denmore, Balgownie, Hilton, Powis, Cornhill, Seaton, and Woodside. The part of the parish north of the Don contains a population of 700 in Villages, and about 900 in scattered houses. The part South of the Don is all included in the parliamentary boundary of the burgh; and contains the manufacturing Village of Woodside, about two miles North-West of New Aberdeen, the Village of Ruthrieston, about two miles South-West, the suburbs of of Broadford, on the North [continued on next page]

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Parish of Old Machar

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