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CLACHRIACH CASTLE (Ruin) Clachriach Castle (Remains of)
Clachriach Castle (Remains of)
Clachriach Castle (Remains of)
J. Davidson - Mains of Clachriach
P. Stephen - Clachriach
J.B. Pratt - Book of Buchan
021 "About a mile to the West of the Abbey of Deer the ruins of the old Castle of Clachriach are apt to arrest the attention, and become an object of some interest to the passing traveller. A very erroneous impression exists amongst the people of this neighbourhood that they are the remains of a Pictish stronghold; a visit to them, however, is calculated to despel all such ideas in those who are in the slightest degree acquainted with the architectural antiquities of our country. The castle of Clachriach stands upon a slight eminence in the center of the farm of that name. It is a quadrangular building, having a projecting wing, and its only title to the name of a castle is the fact that it has possessed a turreted staircase and arched doorway and windows, one of the latter having been secured by iron stancheons, portions of which still remain firmly fixed in the walls. With the utilitarian taste so particularly characteristic of our agricultural friends, advantage has been taken of the walls of this building. Of course the idea of its ever having been a Pictish tower is simply absurd, as neither in the
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Aberdeenshire -- Parish of Old Deer

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