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SITE OF SUPPOSED CHAPEL (Site of supposed) Chapel
(Site of supposed) Chapel
(Site of supposed) Chapel
The Revd. [Reverend] A. Ranken, Old Deer.
Mr. Barron.
Mr. Cock.
021 The Revd. [Reverend] Mr. Ranken, Episcopal Minister of Old Deer, says, that he has no doubt, but there was once a chapel here, and he says that he believes it was the first & original "Abbey of Deer," he says that this will come to light shortly, as there was some very old papers found in one of the English University's a short time ago (which are in connection with the Parish of Deer.) and they are supposed to contain a lot of valuable information on this subject.
The Revd. Dr. [Reverend Doctor] Pratt in his History of Buchan, says, "On the common of Crichie there is a well of clear sweet water, called the 'Chapel Well', while the Chapel hillock, and a series of low mounds called the 'Graves', closely adjoin it. There are no ruins or remains of any buildings to account for these names, neither is there any existing record, or even tradition, regarding any place of worship, as the name would indicate, having stood in this locality." Appendix A.A. page 373.

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Parish of Old Deer

[Note relating to 'Site of Supposed Chapel'] - When the Road was being
made here, several stones were
removed, which from their
appearance would serve the
foundations of a building here.
This seems to confirm the
idea of a Chapel having existed.
[Initialled] E.H.C.
Capt. R.E. [Captain Royal Engineers]

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